Two of my favourite things – NBA and infectious disease!

November 3, 2011

Well, sort of.

Norovirus is pretty nasty, I couldn’t even keep water down last time I had gastro. Hardwood Paroxysm links to a CDC investigation on an outbreak that occurred in Dec 2010, in NBA players and staff. What’s great about this particular epidemiological exercise is that they have a schedule of the teams – thus giving them an actual timeline, and routes of transmission. “Disease detectives” generally get to investigate outbreaks like these, putting together pieces of the puzzle by tracing contacts, and movement of the infection. Most of the time, you don’t have information like this, and this group comes equipped with their own physicians. Although, I’m surprised they didn’t look at the families – maybe because the majority of cases occurred during a road trip?

Kind of interesting to note that GI illness is the second most common non-game related injury/illness among players. Would be interesting (or disturbing) to study their hand-washing behaviour before and during games. Wonder if I could get ethics approval for that?


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